Photographer near me | Fine Art Canvas Wrap

Hi I’m Gerri with Iris magic today we’re going to talk about our fine art canvas wraps

This is our fine art canvas wrap

It is our most popular item in the studio

I’m going show you how it’s made and what we do

This is made with a cedar frame in the back and has hardware installed so it is ready to hang

We mirror the edge of our canvas wraps. We would not want the gentlemen’s head to get wrapped around the frame, so we just take the 1.5 inches and mirror it to make the edges of the canvas wrap

We offer a variety of sizes with our canvas wraps, this is an 8×10, we offer a 10×10, 11×14, 16×20 and 20×24 and 24×36.

If you have any questions about our canvas wraps call our studio today.