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Why should I use local Photo Scanning?

Do you want to have peace of mind knowing your photos will not get lost in the mail?  Don’t send old photos “away” to be scanned and reprinted, stop by our studio today.

We will scan your photos to digital files and send them to you on thumb drive or digital download link.

Reserve at time to drop off or stop in.  Scans start at $1 (depending on the amount of photos to be scanned)

Step 1- Review your photos and pack them in box to drop off at IrisMagic. Just pack your photos and bring them to our studio, not mailing off to an unknown location.  Pat yourself on the back, and let us take it from here.

Photo Scanning

Step 2- Digitize with care.  Schedule a time to stop by.

Our team of professionals will digitize every item, by hand, with personalized updates provided at each step of the digitizing process. Your  order will be digitized with care at our studio and print lab- a temple to love of everything analog.

3. Relive, laugh, cry.  Receive all your original media back, along with perfectly preserved copies on thumb drive with a personal box or a download link. Then gather the family (plus the friends that are basically family), some popcorn, and begin the trip down memory lane. Tissues not included.

Scan Photos

Click here to see us on the map.  

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5 Best ideas for kids Christmas photos

Christmas Photo Ideas

1. Use Christmas Props.

Make or purchase Santa hats and ask the children to hold large Christmas ornaments.  Get creative with poses – let the kids have fun!  . Friends and family will be seeing them giggling and smiling.

Christmas Photo ideas

2.  Holiday Baking.

Throw on some Christmas aprons and get the mixing bowls ready.   Candid shots of flour on the nose and kids measuring ingredients could not be cuter.

Christmas Photo ideas

3. Use the Christmas tree.  

A Christmas tree makes a perfect holiday wonderland backdrop. Head to the attic and retrieve those tree trimmings. Dangle some ornaments and bling on the tree for some fun.

Christmas Trees

4.  Casual and cozy.

Spread a bit of joy this season by donning your favorite winter outfits and while choosing your live Christmas tree.

5.  Make it easy and book a session with IrisMagic Photo Studios!  We will take the pressure off and get the best smiles out of your children.