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Clothing ideas | Fall Family Photos | IrisMagic Photo Studios

Clothing ideas and Fall Family Photos will be discussed today with Gerri, lead photographer at IrisMagic Photo Studios

Consider the colors of your home when selecting the colors of your family’s clothing, so you may showcase a custom framed print or canvas.

Do coordinate but we do not recommend to wearing matchy-matchy clothing, for example choose shades of beige and maroon and coordinate those with different family members.

Jeans photograph GREAT!

Don’t wear clothing with logos or wording that is highly visible

Layered clothing looks great in photos!

Don’t forget shoes: Shoes are just as important as your outfit.

Don’t highlight parts of your body you are not comfortable with.

Have fun with accessories: Scarves, gloves, hats, jewelry,
belts, and hair accessories.

Don’t wait till the last minute to decide on your wardrobe: It takes time to put a look together and can be stressful especially if you wait till the very last minute.

Unique Fall family photo sessions that portrait your best self. Enjoy the ultimate photography experience. Call 304.241.5562 to share the way you have always dreamed of being photographed, and let’s create together a piece of art for you.

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At IrisMagic we understand the magical and timeless power of photography and video. We also recognize the value and unique emotional connections that people share that give portraits and moving pictures meaning. Let IrisMagic photographers and videographers capture your important moments and events in high-quality video and portraits. Conveniently most photography session photos are ready for viewing the same day by request.

What makes the portrait experience at Iris Magic so special?

  1. All Staff are Directors of Photography or DP’s: All staff are continuously cross trained in digital photography and cinematography via rigorous certifications programs yearly. Other certifications include infant and childhood development trainings. They must re-certify each year as DP’s. The result is that you can be sure that our DP’s will go above and beyond to capture the unique personalities of you or your family through natural, candid expressions.
  1. We Offer Same Day Services: By request, we offer on-site printing, framing, retouching, and digital images, the same day as your session.
  1. Lighting System: Our patented lighting system and equipment by Profoto simulate sunlight during the “golden” hour. This system delivers a single catchlight in the subject’s eyes, to mimic sunlight and give our portraits that timeless natural look that .
  1. We have real commercial community studio locations: There is nothing wrong with having a session in a home studio. As a matter of fact IrisMagic started as a home based business. We quickly learned that our clientele wanted easy access instead of our dark cold basement. Just kidding. We had a light. Seriously, we put all our studios in easy to access commercial community shopping centers. We like to spoil are clients because they are our family…
  1. We Offer Out-Door, On Location, and In-Home Sessions by request. Even though our studios are very cozy, we like to shoot in different and interesting places.

We are a boutique shop with 10 staff based out of Morgantown, and Pittsburgh. For the past 12 years we have captured over 13,000 sessions and events in Maryland, Washington DC, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, we are truly honored to capture the magical and timeless moments in your life and help tell you or your family’s story for future generations.

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Request a price list for Fresh 48

What are Fresh 48 Sessions? They are super special sessions for those who want to capture their newborn’s first couple days of live in a emotive, lifestyle approach. They are held at your place of birth between 24-48 hours after birth and are the perfect way to remember those first few days. This is not a traditional newborn session – rather, it is intended to capture your family’s quiet moments during this special season of life.

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Photographer near me | Fine Art Canvas Wrap

Hi I’m Gerri with Iris magic today we’re going to talk about our fine art canvas wraps

This is our fine art canvas wrap

It is our most popular item in the studio

I’m going show you how it’s made and what we do

This is made with a cedar frame in the back and has hardware installed so it is ready to hang

We mirror the edge of our canvas wraps. We would not want the gentlemen’s head to get wrapped around the frame, so we just take the 1.5 inches and mirror it to make the edges of the canvas wrap

We offer a variety of sizes with our canvas wraps, this is an 8×10, we offer a 10×10, 11×14, 16×20 and 20×24 and 24×36.

If you have any questions about our canvas wraps call our studio today.

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Business Headshots | Iris Magic Photo Studios




QUESTIONS? 304.290.9946

Hi guys this is Gerri with IrisMagic and today we going to discuss 5 reasons why you should have a professional headshot. Not 2 weeks or a month from now, but right now.

I know they tell us that we should never judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest you will be judged by your headshot.

You want to stand out. I am always shocked when I looked on LinkedIn and see a ton of photos that look the person was having fun, but it’s not professional. (use selfie compared to professional here)

People on LinkedIn with a professional photo are viewed 14x more, over people with photo that is not professional.

Take yourself seriously. Make the small investment for the professional headshot, look like the professional you want to become.

Look the part. If you look like a professional you will be treated like a professional.

This is your only shot. You are not always going to be there to make a first impression, so your photos must speak for itself. Don’t waste this chance by putting a picture out there is less than perfect.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our headshots call our studio today at 304.241.5562



For all general inquiries, please contact us at