Howto: Introducing Photo Gift Card Packages

Until now, purchasing your friends or loved ones a gift card for a photo session was pretty hard to do because without an actual professional photo you could not choose a physical gift for them beforehand. Because we have our own in house photo lab, this is now a thing of the past at IrisMagic Photo Studios.

With focused photo sessions geared toward specific photo gifts, your loved ones will save time. Also they won’t wonder what they can buy with the gift card you have just given them.

Now I will show you the process step by step how to purchase a photo gift card package.

All you do is click on the link via social media, email, or type in your web browser. (gpc is an acronym for gift card package).

Next you will see a catalog of all the gift card packages available with more being add daily.

In this example we wish to purchase Uncle Emery a “Blanket and Mug Photo Gift Card Package.

First, Tap on the prospective Gift Card Image or if you are using a PC or Mac, click “view card.”

The gift card product page for this package appears and we can see what is included in this gift card:

-One Photo Session, A Blanket and Two Mugs.

Then we fill in the rest of the details.

-Select The Date you want the gift card package to be sent to the recipient.

Note that some gift card packages must be used after a certain number of days.

In this case “Uncle Emery” Will have 183 days from receipt to use the gift card package. But if the gift card expires, a grace period of 30 days will be given to use it. However during this time it will be prorated each day until it has no value. Uncle Emery will then have to pay the difference out of pocket or roll the remaining balance into a new package.

In the From: Box we put our name.

Next we type a Gift Message:

In the “Delivery Method” area we can choose to have the Gift Card Emailed to Uncle Emery or we can print it out to give as a gift in person. Lastly IrisMagic can ship via first class mail for a small fee or free of charge if you have a coupon.

In this example we choose the Email to Recipient Option and Enter Uncle Emery’s Email Address and His Name.

Under the Gift Card thumbnail if we click preview… we can see a low resolution preview of the Gift Card Uncle Emery will receive via Email.

Note all the form fields above have to be filled out in order to Generate this preview.

If you want the recipient to receive more than one Gift Card.. just select the quantity.

We Tap or Click on the Add To Card Button.

We now see the notification saying the Gift Card Was added to the cart.

Since we are done shopping we want to checkout and pay.

Click or Tap on the “View Cart” Link or the red cart Icon.

(If you are on a mobile phone or tablet device you may have to press the hamburger menu icon then select the red cart icon.)

On the cart screen we see the gift card. Here we can make last minute changes.

Towards the bottom of the screen under “Cart totals” we see the subtotal.

A “shipping method” section would be visible if you had selected the ship option on the previous screen.

I am going to add another gift card package with the shipping option selected so you can see what I mean. If you are watching the video version of this tutorial I am going to do this really quickly so you don’t have to wait.

Next we tap or click the “Proceed to checkout” Button.

On the Checkout screen..

If you are a returning customer, Click or tap the “Click here to login” link and enter your user name and password. The screen should auto populate with all your billing and shipping details.

If you have a coupon code enter it now.

I found a 10% off coupon on the IrisMagic Photo Studio Facebook Page…which is valid until Dec 24, 2017 . So I enter the code “10offhol” .

Because I downloaded the IrisMagic Mobi Photo Editor App off the iTune App Store.

IrisMagic Mobi Photo Editor
I discovered a free shipping coupon on the start screen valid until Dec 24 2017. So I enter code “freeshiphol”

I do this without the parenthesis.

Then I Enter my Billing and shipping details.

Check the box “create an account” to enable the Self Servicing feature.

This allows you to resend the Gift Card with out calling an Iris Magic Representive for help.

Since I already have an account I will go up to the top of the screen and click the “Click Here To Login Link”

Select your payment method.

You can pay via secure credit card, paypal, or amazon checkout.

The “cash on delivery” option I am using here is only available if you purchase the card physically in the studio.

Next Click or Tap the “place order” button.

On the “Order received page”…

We see the confirmation and invoice.

Towards the bottom of the screen we see the “Resend Mail” button.