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Business Headshots | Iris Magic Photo Studios

Hi guys this is Gerri with IrisMagic and today we going to discuss 5 reasons why you should have a professional headshot. Not 2 weeks or a month from now, but right now.

I know they tell us that we should never judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest you will be judged by your headshot.

You want to stand out. I am always shocked when I looked on LinkedIn and see a ton of photos that look the person was having fun, but it’s not professional. (use selfie compared to professional here)

People on LinkedIn with a professional photo are viewed 14x more, over people with photo that is not professional.

Take yourself seriously. Make the small investment for the professional headshot, look like the professional you want to become.

Look the part. If you look like a professional you will be treated like a professional.

This is your only shot. You are not always going to be there to make a first impression, so your photos must speak for itself. Don’t waste this chance by putting a picture out there is less than perfect.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our headshots call our studio today at 304.241.5562


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