ERAS Medical Resident Headshot-


ERAS, or the Electronic Residency Application Service, is a service provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) that allows medical students to apply for residency programs in the United States.

Including a professional headshot with your ERAS application can be a good idea for a few reasons. First, a professional headshot can help you to make a good first impression on the residency program directors and selection committees who will be reviewing your application. A professional headshot can help you to appear polished and professional, which can be particularly important in the highly competitive field of medical residency.

Second, a professional headshot can be a useful tool in networking situations, such as interviews or meetings with potential mentors or colleagues. It can help people remember you and make it easier for them to connect with you on LinkedIn or other professional networking sites.

Here is what you get with a medical resident headshot session.

  • One 20 minute session *One per person
  • An experienced photographer that has taken over 300 medical resident headshots
  • Clean and Safe Environment
  • Private setting
  • Taken on white or light background per the ERAS requirements
  • At least 10 proofs to choose from
  • 3 final professionally retouched photos
  • Photos resized per ERAS requirements
  • Images delivered high resolution
  • This headshot can decide your entire future, and walk away with confidence that your application will not be rejected due to a poor headshot.
  • Please call if you need a time that is not listed, we understand that a a medical student you are very busy 

    How Should I Prepare for ERAS VSAS Residency Headshots?

    There are three keys to preparing for your headshot ahead of time.

    First, if possible, try to get some sleep, exercise, and sunshine in the weeks before your session. Our editing team airbrushes your selected photos before delivering them, but your preparation will help ensure that the photos look as natural as possible.

    Second, briefly wear your desired clothing a couple of days before your session. You want to ensure that your outfit still fits correctly and doesn’t need dry cleaning.

    Third, look at some prior photos of yourself and see if there are any that you particularly like. When you arrive at the studio, show those photos to your photographer, which will help us find an angle that you find flattering.

    This is perfect if you are applying for residency at WVU.

$179.14 ($450 value)

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