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Please Pick a Date


Great option when multiple families are present or groups larger than 8

-30 minutes session
-Images enhanced and color corrected
– Up to 2 outfit changes
-Packages and prints chosen at viewing session, packages start at $150
-No session fee before December 15
*Please note that additional fees may apply on Sunday, Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
Please call 304.241.5562 if  you need a time not listed at checkout.

I’m Gerri with Iris magic and in this video’m going to give you a little bit of information about our Christmas QuickPic photo sessions When you arrive for your session we ask that you call or text us if this time we’re allowing one family at a time in the studio so will respond back if it’s okay to come in or if we might need to hold off for a few minutes we will have props available in the studio however we do you ask it for personal hand-held crops such as maybe some on pre wrap gifts Christmas balls, that you to bring that with you again if that’s just for the protection of your fam.

We’re also having a lot of questions this year in regards to face mask.

All photographers will be wearing face masks during your session.

The Quick Pick session is exactly how it sounds it’s just a really quick session this is great if this might be the first time visiting our studio and you just like to check us out or if your children will only sit still for a minute or two this is a great option for that the sessions 10 minutes long and you’ll have the choice of one backdrop you could do a Christmas backdrop or you could do a solid backdrop.

We do I ask that you come dressed and ready for the session so we can utilize the entire 10 minutes taking photos so what’s going to happen after your quick fix session? we are going to post images to an online gallery for you check the link below it’s going to let you know what comes in the session you’re going to be issued a coupon code and you are going to choose the items right online so just keep in mind the QuickPic session does not include of units and this is something that you would do online it home if you have any questions during the check out session know you could always give us a call.

The next take a few seconds just to check out our holiday backdrops.

The last step is to reserve your spot the Quick Pick session you are required to book that online just look for the book Now button it’s really easy to do if you have any questions you can give us a call at 304-290-9946 to just check out that link and thanks for tuning in.


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